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DOB:4/15/10                                                                                                                           COLOR: TORT                                                                                                                   SIRE: LOV'S DIPPER                                                                                                          DAM: JASH'S FLUTTER 


Not a great picture. She was on a letter when these pictures were taken. She is a nice doe with a lovely head and good ears. She has a nice body that is smooth and full. She has ok bone. I would like to see her with a nicer, fuller chest. She is a great mother and she shows well.



 DOB:4/15/10                                                                                                                                                    COLOR: TORT                                                              SIRE: LOV'S DIPPER                                                      DAM: JASH'S FLUTTER                                                                                                  WINS: 4 LEGS                                                                                                             BOSB show A, BOSV show B @ 12/18/2010  Santa Barbara   

This is Juliet and she is a great doe. She has produced well for me and has shown exceptional. She has a nice full body and she is full to the table. She is very wide and has a good chest. I would like to see her with better bone and nicer ear placement.


LOV'S MELANI                              


DOB: 5/22/10                                               COLOR: TORT                                            SIRE: LOV'S MR. MELLOW                           DAM: CN'S MCI


 This is Melanie and she is a nice doe. She needs a better ear and crown but she has a nice body and she has good bone. She doesn't like to pose very well. She out produced her self.


I have more does in my breeding program that are not pictured. I will post soon.