RA Bunnies Rabbitry

Holland Lops and American Fuzzy Lops



     DOB: 1/1/10                                                                                                                           Color: Chocolate Otter

Binx is a nice buck ad he is going to start my otter project. He has an entertaining personality. I like how he loves attention an he likes to be petted and held. He is  specia little guy and  is a great breeder.I love how small he is and how short and small his ears are. He also as a cute head and will pose well. He is short an he could have better crown placement. I'm happy to have him and he will do well with my otters.


JASH's Scrumdiddyumtious   ( aka Scrumptious)

 DOB: 11/17/10                                                                                                                                                     COLOR: chocolate                                                                                                                                                 SIRE: DTL'S BARRON                                                                                                                                              DAM: TREVOR'S DARK CHOCOLATE


 This is Scrumptious and he will be the foundation buck of my solid and broken chocolates. I'm happy to have him.  He belongs to Jordin and I. I have great expectations for this little guy. He is very cute.



I have  does in my color breeding program that are not pictured. I will post soon.